Spirit Level Spinal Massage Therapy

Spirit Level and Spinal Massage Therapy

Introducing my unique and signature treatment… “Spirit Level” you won’t find this in any other local day spa or mobile massage service!

This massage uses very specific techniques both physical and energetic to bring you back into alignment and release old trauma, concentrating on the vertebrae and all muscles from the miniscule to the major. It releases deep tension in the rib cage encouraging deeper breathing, clears energetic blockages and allows energy to flow down the spine and promote the body to self heal.

Recommended for scoliosis, rounded shoulders, tension headaches and migraines, lower back pain, twisted or tilted pelvis, body imbalances, chronic pain, rehabilitation after accidents or surgery, past trauma ..physical and mental.

Please be aware at present I am the only therapist offering Spirit Level massage.

Can be incorporated into any other treatment.

30 mins… $60 60 mins … $100 75 mins … $120 90 mins… $140
$120 mins … $170

Spinal Massage Therapy: also a treatment unique to Daylesford Mobile Massage.

massage techniques that concentrate on – improving the flexibility ROM (range of movement)and length of the spine
– balancing the sacrum and cranium
– aligning the pelvis.
– reducing dowagers hump / hunchback.

30 mins…$60 60 mins $100